Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mercury Alert!!!!

Last week I installed a new thermostat in my house. You know, the programmable ones that help save you money on your energy bill. So anyway as I removed the original one, I seen there were two glass bulbs 1/2 full of mercury. I know we have all hear how dangerous Mercury can be.

So how to you properly dispose of these things... The first think I done was put the old thermostat in a ziploc plastic bag, then put it in a safe place. I didn't want the kids to damage it. To dispose of this you can take it to the next Local Hazardous Material collection at The Dalles Disposal. I will keep my ear open and post when the next day is scheduled.

Be safe, you never know when you may come across a hidden danger in your home. Protect yourselves, your family and your pets by properly disposing of hazardous items.

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