Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Inspecting Newly Built Homes

I'm always asked, "Why do I need to have my new home inspected?". Everyone thinks if the newly built home passed all the building inspections then all should be OK, Right?? Well, I normally find several conditions with a new home that should be corrected. If these minor items are not corrected in the near future, they can lead to very costly repairs down the road. So my answer is, "Yes, I feel it's in your best interest to have a newly constructed home inspected by a professional."

Here is a picture of a newly constructed home that I inspected today. The plumber cut the floor joist out in order to run the drain for the bathroom tub/shower. After time this floor is going to weaken and the home owner is going to wonder what is going on.

Here is another picture in the same home. They forgot to install the copper coupler for this pipe connection. They are going to have some flooding in the crawlspace when water is ran through this line. Again, the homeowner isn't going to know until it's to late.

We have all heard the stories of the toilets that didn't get hooked up. Don't let this happen to you...

Invest in a home inspection, even for the newly constructed homes.

Also, if you have purchased a new home. Another thing to think about is the 11 Month Builder Warranty Inspection. A new home typically has a 1 Year Warranty. This means that if the home has any deffects, the contractor will make the repairs within the first year. Well most people don't understand how this works, once their 12 Months are up then it's to late. So home inspectors can inspect the home at 11 Months and make a list of these conditions that need attention. The home owner then forwards this information to the contractor and request the repairs be made. Call your local home inspector and ask them if they have this program. Again, this is money well spent. Let a Professional Home Inspector help protect your investment.


J Yarbrough said...


You can do these inspections for us on a recently built house, correct? What counties do you cover?


Gorge House Detective said...

We cover the entire Columbia Gorge Area. This would include Wasco, Hood River, Sherman, Skamania, and Klickitat Counties. We are licensed in both Oregon and Washington.