Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hood River Home Inspector Ruins Dinner......Almost

Ok some sometimes we all do something then go "oh shoot!!" This past Sunday when I was inspecting a home, I came to the oven. I first tested the burners then when to test the oven. For some reason the oven was set to 350 degrees, but wasn't on. I thought to myself, what is going on here?? I proceeded to push buttons in an attempt to get the oven to turn on. Then I opened the door to find a roast inside the oven. The owners of the home had left the oven on "delayed start", they had planned dinner for the evening and I had just messed things up for them. In the process I didn't take note of the time they had selected to start the oven. Now I felt terrible, it was Sunday and I just ruined their dinner plans. So I called the listing agent in an attempt to get the home owners cell phone number. Guess what... they didn't have a cell phone. I didn't want to leave the home with the oven "ON", and I didn't NOT want them to have Sunday dinner. So at 4PM I turned the oven on and set it at 350 degrees. Then I plan was to wait until the home owners got home and make sure I didn't ruin dinner. Luckily around 5:30 the owners pulled into the driveway...Oh that was a good feeling. I greeted them as they walked up the front steps, and proceeded to tell them the story. They just laughed and thanked me for being so concerned. Long story short, if you see something odd...take a look at the situation to make sure you are making a good decision by moving forward. Or, know what your plan "B" is going to be if things don't work out.

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